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Individual Treatments

Individual soundtherapeutic treatments

Depending on the situation we work ​with Tuningforks, Crystal quartz bowls, Tanpura, Didgeridoo, Drums or Voice work.

We all are beings of frequency and continuously vibrate with the universe as our physical, emotional, mental & spiritual bodies sing in a continuous symphony,  sometimes in tune when we are in harmony and sometimes out of tune when we are in dis-sonance, sad or sick.

During many years of working, researching and teaching sound healing, music therapy, dance therapy and more, we learned, tried and developed many different techniques for diagnosing and corrections. Also a patient comes with a medical diagnosis, which we will take in account (integrative medicine). 
Every person deserves a unique solution. That's why we together with the patient set out a track to wholeness, choosing a start and a goal.
In Kinewave and Soundhealing we work on different levels, mainly body, emotion, mind and spirit. In Kinewave we combine 20 years of experience in Sonoterapia (sound healing) with Kinesiology. 

Developed by Chana Claudia Murcia & Shlomo Jurgen van Win

Sleep Disorders
Weakened immune system

How often?
We never oblige an certain amount of sessions, our client decides. 
Often from one to five session's are enough.


How much?

₪ 300 for a 60 minutes session

₪ 1200 for 5 x 60 minutes session's 

₪ 225 for a 45 minutes session

₪ 900 for 5 x 45 minutes session's

Tuning fork neck & shoulders massage