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Opinions from our Soundtherapy Students

"Sound therapy is primarily an attunement between therapist and patient using an soundtherapy instrument.
The state of peace, emptiness and pure healing intent of the therapist is what directs this powerful and beautiful energy what is sound.
It is not just the management of some music instruments, it is mostly an inner state to cultivate, and it is this state of awareness, beyond any sound therapy tool that Claudia and Jurgen transmit as they teach sound therapy from a lifetime of experience, work and expertise. "
Viky : sound therapist, psychologist, kinesiologist
Madrid, Summer 2011

"As you see a lot of work ahead, eager and like everything in life, slowly, feeling and shaping. Thanks Jurgen for helping me discover what today fills me with energy is singing. Thanks Claudia for helping me find that my soul needs to talk through theater.
Heartfelt thanks."
Maria: sound therapist 
Madrid, Summer 2011

"I recently completed my studies of sound therapy with Claudia and Jurgen in Ismet. It's an exciting course in which I learned many concepts unknown to me. 
I've been practicing healing techniques through music, mantras , quartz bowls  tuning forks, . .. It was a wonderful, full of fun and constructive experience, I would definitely recommend it to all, who are interested in expanding their horizons and experience an interesting personal growth. "
Silvia : sound therapist
Barcelona, 2012

" Claudia and Jurgen, I am writing to tell you, and also to make it known to all, the beautiful experience that has meant taking the sound therapy course with you.
For me it has been an opportunity for personal growth and awakening of consciousness and a desire to share with others the way one learns to feel better, happier, more complete. But  you will also realize that the road to perfection never ends and learn to enjoy it!

The simplicity with which you transmit your knowledge honours you ; and thanks you to trust in the ability of all your students to be good sound therapist's 

That's right ... I wish the course had been longer . I have been very happy in this space on Fridays.
A big hug ! "
Desirée " singer sonoterapeuta
Barcelona, 2012

" I found a wonderful opportunity to connect with my inner voice and sound that unites us all as beings ...

I loved them as guides in this beautiful experience, I really learned to enjoy it lots and live the essence of each one of you . Learned a lot, but not from reason, but from the connection with you and how we resonated together.

I think the best way to invite people to this course is on the basis that this is not a usual course like so many, full of theory and explanations, but an experience where you two are the guides for each sound therapist to find his/her way. 
It is important that people know in advance that they will face something different and  leave their preconceptions behind the door before entering and give themselves the opportunity to experience live without prejudice and preconceptions.

Thank you for daring to be part of the change, which is not easy.
I loved meeting you
Adriana : singer, sound therapist and medical specialist
Barcelona, 2012

Soundtherapy Concert Series Visitors Opinions​

Concerts with Quartz Bowls
I felt strength, cleanliness, harmony, feeding my soul, the sound not only filled my whole body, my whole body was like inside a spa sound.
(Maria de Burgos)

Thank you for this gift of purest sound; He transported me to other states filled with much peace and calmly conscience. (Raphael de Madrid)

It was like a trip into space surrounded by much love and light in the form of spirals, listening to the music of the spheres. God bless you. (Isa de Madrid)

Identify myself with sound, forgetting the body.  Riding the sound enveloped me and my sorrows they disappeared, thank you. (Mar de Vigo)

The sound was coming from inside me like waking up to what I already are but I slept, I feel full of health and love. It has been a wonderful experience. Thank you. (Pedro de Pozuelo).

  Dream, relax and meditate with the wonderful sounds of quartz crystal bowls. Tune each cell and balance your chakras. 

Some testimonies of concerts with quartz bowls

I could clearly see the shape of my chakras and their colors, like a symphony of colors and sounds dancing, I did not see myself as a body but only colored discs, something magical and fantastic, I feel like new. (Loret de Madrid)

I have entered very badly, with many pains all over my body and very depressed, and I have gone very happy into heavens. Many Blessings and thanks. (Roberto de Madrid)

It was a great experience and a very nice gift for me and my baby in my stomach, we were both very relaxed, I think I even fell asleep and my baby also. (Toshie from Japan)

It was something like an experience in space, feeling of levitation. A Kiss (Angeles de Tarragona)

I had the most beautiful experience of peace and joy in my being. I stopped feeling my body and I felt lifted by these wonderful and pure sounds in a symphony of love and colors. (Madrid)

I felt a lot the heart chakra and my hands raised, wanting to dance on the music of the cosmos.
(Flor de Madrid



Classical Concert Series Visitors Opinions

  • Bach in Barcelona where I played all the 6 Bach Cello Suites weekly


Qué bello poder escuchar la maravillosa música de Bach en este lugar ​tan inspirador y mágico.

Muchas gracias por tu bella interpretación.

Un fuerte abrazo

Jordi Savall

Wir danken für ein wunderbares Bach Konzert im der Kirche St. Pau; wo könnte man die Bach Suiten schöner hören?

Klaus Peter und Ursula Kleinert aus Köln

Wunderschönes konzert. Vielen Dank! 

Dr. Susanne Claus,


It was so very special, a beautiful moment. One of a lifetime treat!

Jan, England

It has been said that God speaks through Bach's music and there is less doubt then ever that this is so from the performance this afternoon of his second suite.


Muchisimo gracias, a Jurgen por este viaje maravilloso atravez de la música por los siglos.


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