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Bye bye stress, PTSD & most trauma's with a few visits to our Crystal Sound Center

Our holistic approach with Sound Healing Concerts, Kinewave (Applied Kinesiology), Music Therapy, Dance Therapy,, Chakra Healing, Chakra Sound Remedy, Yoga Nidra give incredible results with ADHD, Stress, Sleep Disorders, Anxiety, Fibromyalgia, PTSD, Weakened Immune System & Depression.

Together with our new beauty food and skincare  Totally Alive                      Crystal Sound Center will definitely make you more happy, healthy & beautiful.


Only 10 spots left this week to get a 10% discount on all our services and products.

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Treatments: Individual soundtherapeutic treatments; Tuning fork neck & shoulders massage; Musictherapy ;Kinewave (Applied Kinesiology for soundtherapy); Bachflowers therapy; Tuningfork Natural Facelift; Dancetherapy; Chakra Healing, Chakra Sound Remedy; Yoga Nidra group session's; Soundtherapy Concert Series group session's


CoursesSonoterapia® - Soundtherapy; Kinewave®; Musictherapy; Violoncello 


Concerts: ​Soundtherapy Concert Series; ​Classical Concert Series; Jewish Concert Series; Chassidish Chupah Concert​​

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